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Media Savvy
with Lorri Allen

Are you prepared to speak under scrutiny?

Are you prepared for a news media crisis?

Do you want positive publicity every time?

As a working journalist, Lorri Allen knows how you spin your story could be your saving grace or your demise. What you're telling the world could seriously impact your bottom line. Lorri will help you craft your message, so that you communicate confidently, credibly and quickly.

Lorri works one-on-one with newsmakers such as business owners, authors, senior executives and candidates for office. Her keynotes and workshops help associations and corporations. Lorri conducts her training with site visits, on-camera interviews, role plays and case studies.

Clients and audiences like Lorri's enthusiastic and energetic style. She's tough without being condescending. You will learn formulas and principles for saying it right, every time.

Work with Lorri and you will:

  • Learn how to speak under pressure in any situation
  • Understand how to get positive publicity
  • See how journalists think
  • Hear the two things that every reporter wants
  • Practice crafting and saying your own soundbites
  • Know when to call a press conference
  • Review ways to respond in a crisis
  • Find out the one phrase that really angers every journalist
  • Discover how to intrigue the news media
Call Lorri Allen, the Soundbite Coach
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Follow Lorri on Twitter @SoundbiteCoach

Clients Say...

"The 'Good News!' presentation you made to the National Cotton Women's Committee was one of the most effective of its type the group has experiencedů It was clear to all of us that you had done your homework and that your presentation was customized for our group."
Fred Middleton, National Cotton Council of America